Old Grouch’s Military Surplus has been a fixture in downtown Clyde for years.

Buddy Glance – the original “Old Grouch” started the business more than three decades ago.

When Buddy fell ill, his son – Tim – ran the business and took care of his dad.

Tim is retired Army, and has a passion for the work.

He is generous in providing advice for novice preppers, and is an expert in modern and vintage military items.

Old Grouch’s is an “old school” traditional military surplus store. Which means it’s real, made-in-America surplus. This stuff is super durable because it’s built to last.

If you’re looking for camo, netting, shirts, pants, hats (all branches of the service), customized dog tags, magazine pouches, gear… anything really… Old Grouch’s is the place you need to visit.

Tim gets new items into the store all the time. Plus, he’s buying – so bring your stuff down to let him take a look at it.

You never know what you’re going to find at Old Grouch’s. I got lost in there for more than an hour the first time I went.

If you order online, he’ll ship directly to you. And use the promo code “PETE” at checkout – and get 10% off.

Or just mention my name when you go into the store!

If you’re looking for something, either Tim has it – or he knows where to get it.

Go check out Old Grouch’s Military Surplus Store.

It’s on Main Street in Downtown Clyde. Across the street from the anti-aircraft gun!