I bought a bed from Mattress Man Stores about eight years ago. It’s a king sized, memory foam that is the most comfortable bed I’ve owned in my life! Christy and I love it.

When you lay down on it, it feels like you’re being cuddled by a massive marshmallow.

It’s also super easy to clean! It has a form-fitted zippered cover that slips on and off in seconds.

If you are in the market for a new bed – go where I went: Mattress Man Stores!

You’ll also be supporting a great local business and business owner – who cares deeply about our area and its people.

The owner of Mattress Man Stores is Chuck Emrick. Not only does he make it a point to hire veterans, but he gives generously to local charities and causes that help our neighbors in Western North Carolina. For example, through his business, he is a proud supporter of Homeward Bound, and it’s mission to end homelessness.

This is really what motivates Chuck – making a difference in peoples’ lives.

His motto at Mattress Man Stores is “Treat everyone like a family member, friend, or neighbor.” He and his associates do exactly that. Not just in business, but in their personal lives, too.

So, when you get your fantastic new mattress at Mattress Man Stores, you’ll be supporting a business that makes a real difference in Western North Carolina… AND getting the best bed you’ve ever owned!